Welcome to the Forum National Investments home page, entry point to information about Forum's "Lifestyle Oriented" businesses in the areas of Fitness, Travel, Leisure and Luxury.

Our Mission

To create an environment and culture that achieves business excellence through a diverse portfolio of Lifestyle Oriented businesses.

To enhance the lives and lifestyles of our clients, employees and partners by developing businesses focused on health, travel, adventure, and quality living for all.

To have our clients live healthy and passion filled lives and to enhance shareholder value.

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Our Vision

At Forum we believe that quality of life, good health and wellbeing are paramount to success. As such, for 12 years we have developed numerous consumer based businesses that enhance lifestyles and bring about positive results in the lives of our clients.

We are proud of our company portfolio and look forward to continuing to expand our business and impact the lives of millions of people worldwide.

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